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When you get your "Who am I?" question right,

all the "What should I do?" questions tend to take care of themselves.

-Richard Rohr

What is Narrative Coaching?

Throughout our lives relationships, experiences, and events happen and to make sense of those things our minds create a story. When we are young, our precious little brains develop the story that makes sense to survive and to get our needs met. Once that story is formed, it becomes our unconscious dominant narrative through which we build all our expectations... it's the lens through which our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors are formed.


But here's the thing- what served us as children doesn't always serve us as adults... and here is where coaching comes in. Challenging the narrative created in childhood (called your dominant narrative or "starter story") is healthy, necessary, and beneficial to self-awareness, but it usually doesn't happen unless we get stuck, or hit a crisis or transition.  I know that was the case for me! This is when we have to make the decision... who are we and what do we want?


I want you to know that your desired narrative can also become your dominant narrative.

You get to decide what your story can be... and that changes everything.  


This means that exploring your story in order to

find your vision or purpose >> reach emotional balance >> understand and identify toxic thoughts >> discover roots to negative behavior patterns >> walk through the process of spiritual disintegration

when done with the help of a coach can offer you a safe space to explore your story and decide if your established narrative still works for you. If not, you can decide what is actually true and create a new narrative that will allow an engaged, active self both in your current circumstances, but also in the future. Behavior change, thought awareness, self-love, soul-wholeness... the possibilities are endless! Are you up for the exploration?



So... is

Narrative Coaching

for You?

My instinct is to say YES! But that is because I am passionate about it! Let me make the case for it first.


  • Have you struggled with habits that you have tried and tried to break but it just hasn’t worked?

  • Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, unmotivated, or lost in your identity.

  • Have you tried counseling to cope with trauma but still have feelings of hopelessness or anxiety that you can’t quite conquer?

  • Are you questioning God, your faith, or your theology?


I can help. Narrative coaching is a wholistic approach that helps you start at the beginning and become an observer of your life in order to really analyze what has brought you to the present- and then decide whether to keep, disregard or change the story you have created based on those life experiences. It is empowering, clarifying, and freeing and I would argue ANYONE can benefit. 


Situate>> Using a timeline approach, writing your life story will allow you to identify your "core narrative" and its influence on your behavioral patterns, stuck points, thought cycles, or other areas of desired change. Through exploring your narrative, you can situate your present in a context that allows understanding, acceptance, and a plan for change.


Search>> Here is where the exploration process begins by searching through your story timeline. Once identified, the core narrative is key to narrowing down personality type and characteristics, behavior and relational patterns, strengths, weaknesses, gifts, thought-process, all of which directly effect your present circumstances. The search stage leads to self-awareness, which creates space for the agency needed for growth or change.


Shift>> The third stage is one where questions are asked to help shift from your dominant narrative developed during early childhood to a new desired narrative created from a more mature perspective. This desired narrative will allow you to operate in a way that is intentional and sustainable according to what is true from your current perspective rather than an early, less experienced one. The "shift" is where everything begins to change and you take the reigns in your own life. The shift stage is helpful to explore any questions you have in light of a bigger picture perspective of yourself: spirituality, purpose, toxic thoughts or behaviors... here is where these questions can be considered in a place of grace and safety.


Sustain>> Now it is time to create action steps based on a newly established narrative. This will allow you to make a plan to maintain your new perspective and implement strategic thought, emotional, somatic, and spiritual practices to move forward self-aware, awake, and active as your story continues.      


Sign up for a free Discovery Session!

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1:1 Coaching sessions available:

  • 4 hour package plus free discovery session

    • 30 minute discovery session

    • 1 hour situate session (includes story timeline and curriculum)

    • 2.5 hour combined search/shift session

    • 1 hour sustain session

    • unlimited email/text support between sessions.

  • 6 hour​ package plus free discovery session

    • 30 minute discovery session

    • 1 hour situation session

    • 2 hour search session

    • 2 hour shift session with special focus on client-specific areas.

    • 1.5 hour sustain session.

  • Full Day Intensive-Great for Groups! (email for more info) 

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