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It's important to me that you know that because this thing called Coaching hinges on a relationship dynamic of safety, and I understand how unsafe vulnerability can feel. This is what drew me to coaching in the first place... my passion for creating a safe environment for people to explore thoughts, feelings, questions, and behaviors without judgment and with the singular goal of self-awareness resulting in personal understanding and positive growth.


I want you to be unstuck and free to live the life God has made you to live, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Because of my own experiences and research, I just happen to believe that can be accomplished by exploring your story, or narrative, (which drives our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors) and asking hard questions about whether or not the story we've come to believe is in fact true. And, because of my own experiences, I believe that an important part of that growth process requires an accurate understanding of Jesus Christ.


I have personally wrestled with faith, recovered from abuse, survived identity crises (that's plural), and successfully, if at times messily, navigated many life transitions- but none of this could have been accomplished without having developed a comprehensive understanding of myself. The empowerment that came with the process of deconstructing my own narrative has fueled my passion to help anyone willing to do the work, but my education did the equipping.


I am grateful to have the unique experience of a very integrated education. I have a love of the dynamics of the brain on well-being due to my Bachelor's in Psychology, a deep value of the impact of bio-psycho-social systems on functioning and mental health thanks to my Master's of Social Work, and through my Master's in Theological Studies, I formed an appreciation of the intrinsic impact of God's Meat-narrative on our sense of purpose, value, and hope. Combining these with my innate tendency to protect, encourage, and motivate those around me has led me to this place. Coaching. It is the calling on my life and my Kingdom purpose, and I absolutely love it.

Alongside Coaching is my passion for advocacy. My own experiences with spiritual and emotional abuse have created in me a fire for reaching those in the margins with the love and grace of my role model, Jesus Christ. His story has taught me to love and serve humanity, without conditions, and I've found the dynamics of racism, homophobia, and misogyny to be in direct conflict with those teachings. I strive to be a safe place for soul care and emotional healing for everyone. 



This crew is the best part of my story. I met my husband at 18 years old and have been with him since. A couple of decades of marriage has taught me so much about relationships and but it's parenting these three that has taught me humility.


My family serves as an external anchor for me and cheering one another on towards being our best selves is top priority all around, not always easy but always important. 


Finally, just for fun... I am an Enneagram 8 (questions on that are welcome) and I love coffee, Willie Nelson and Dave Matthews Band, audiobooks, true crime podcasts, and of course, stories.

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