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I want to help.

Everyone has a story, authored by God and intended for purpose and meaning. Your story holds the key to the answers you are searching for, answers that can be found with a bit of exploration. As your Coach, I would like to offer you a spiritually-informed, safe space to process your story and help you discover how to access inner resources you've developed over time, You get to determine where your story goes from here, let's begin with grace, healing, and intention,  

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Hi friends! Welcome!  I am a former Therapist turned faith-based Coach and I have never felt so on point in living out my purpose. I've always loved helping others see and live their most authentic selves and my passion for story began as far back as I can remember. Listening as friends described their experiences, as new acquaintances shared their history, and as God's story of grace and healing made restoration possible for me... Stories have helped me understand myself, my friends, my God, and my world. The result is Me: encourager, coach, advocate, mentor, friend.  





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